Fingerboard Skatebox


SIXPACK: SkateBox + 6 Tops (Save $8) --- (FREE US SHIPPING + FOAM GRIP)

Image of SIXPACK: SkateBox + 6 Tops (Save $8) --- (FREE US SHIPPING + FOAM GRIP)
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SkateBox is a hard protective case for your fingerboard that also functions as a Skateable obstacle!

By selecting the SIXPACK option, you will get:
- One (1) SkateBox + Six (6) Ramp / Rail Tops! ($8 discount)
- Three (3) Official SB Stickers, Fingerboard Tool, and Foam Grip Tape!

**Write Box color (Black or White) + Top color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, or Black) in comment section of order**

[[SkateBox includes small parts and is not a toy. Ages 12+ ONLY!!]]


SkateBox (sb) is a hard protective case for your fingerboard that is great to skate on!
A wide range of Ramp / Rail Tops make for ever-changing, on-the-go fun!

SkateBox comes with super-grippy non-sliders to help stick to the table while skating!

SIZE: SkateBox was designed to fit all fingerboards up to 34mm in width.

MATERIALS: Each SkateBox + Top are made from high-quality PLA plastic, which is COMPLETELY ECO-FRIENDLY!! The PLA will decompose within 180-365 days if put in a landfill, unlike other plastics which can be harmful to the environment. The earth and people living on it thank you for your consideration :)

!!! PLA is prone to warp at very hot temperatures, so try not to leave it in places where it is incredibly hot !!!

DAMAGED ITEMS / DISCLAIMER: Although we are extremely confident with the durability of the SkateBox, we will NOT take responsibility for any damaged or broken fingerboards or fingerboard equipment. Use your best judgement. If your board doesn't fit for some reason, don't jam it in!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are having any problems with your SkateBox, message me on Instagram @FingerboardSkateBox and I will do my best to solve your problem!

**PROVIDING OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and A HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! We want to keep you happy, so please don't hesitate to reach out.**